Hello, friends, i've been thinking of getting another guitar to act as a kind of secondary, for keeping in alt tunings to avoid constantly fiddling with my ibanez's tuning and molesting the strings, causing them to break easily.

So, metal is the genre, ideally below £400 (about $650 ish), as well as this i'm considering delving into 7 string, so if you want to suggest that or standard 6 is fine. Pickups or guitar brand, i don't have much preference other than not really liking telecaster shapes.

Anything else to ask, feel free, i'm open for the suggestions of the glorious UG community.

Oh and my current gear is an Ibanez ICT700, peavey vypyr 30 and a sanpera I foot controller.

Tyvm ug <3
Misread original post- nevermind.
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