I HATE being this guy, but I can't seem to find anything reliable about 8 string sets. I'm about to pick up an RG8, so I'd like to have a pack read for setting it up and all that, but it seems like every pack I've looked at is just a bunch of random bullshit thrown together. Random gauges that just don't make sense. I'd rather not have extra heavy strings combined with a longer scale length, but I also want the 3 lowest strings not to sound muddy.

Any good sets out there, or will I have to make my own out of single string sets online? I'd like a set that feels about like a regular 10 gauge 6 string set, but the lowest strings a BIIIT heavier. I'm also kinda iffy on going for the extra light d'addarios, seems like a lot of string breakage.

S I T strings seem decent, 10-68, but I've never heard of the company and a 68 somehow seems way too thin, I mean, people use 60s for a C.
The only company I know that makes a metric dickton of 8 string sets is Circle K. They're pricey though, about 10 bucks a pack. Worst comes to worst, order a set of say 9-46, a .60, and a .75 or .78, you're set, since I know D'Addario sells single strings up to .080.
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Quote by Velcro Man
I just don't like those because the F# and B seem like they won't be as tight as the E

I had no issues with that at all. I also don't get your logic. They get real thick. I think all the tension is great on my neck and I don't have any intonation problems. My guitar is a bit higher end than the RG8 though, so I'm sure the tuning stability will be a tad better. I also play EBEADGBe.
I tried the D'Addario set on my RG2228 and I hated it. The tension was pretty much extreme for the EAD strings. The other strings were fine though.
I use DR Strings Tite TF 8-10 (010,013,017,026,036,046,056,075) right now, and I love that set and would definitely recommend it.
They have a higher gauge set too, but that would be too tight for my taste.
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