Im starting to look at some 5 string basses and Im having trouble deciding between an Epiphone Thunderbird Pro-V, an Ibanez ATK205, and a Warwick Vampyre Rockbass 5.
Versatility is what I like the most, I already own an Ibanez ATK300 (four string) and its pretty amazing, but I dont know about the 205. I hear a lot of good things about the Thunderbird but Im not sure if i really like the sound. The Warwick Vampyre has my attention the most because of its sound and aggressive look, but im kinda tied between the three basses.

I play a lot of heavy metal (deathmetal, deathcore, djent).
I like the look of the Warwick Vampyre, but I haven't tried one. I've tried an Ibanez ATK bass and they play really smooth and have amazing tone. The Epiphone Thunderbird is a really nice one as well. I think that the Ibanez one might be a better choice because of how durable they are and still sound good (but are also somewhat heavy).
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Ibanez, I think, but maybe look into their other 5 strings - like the BTBs or the SRs. It will probably give you a better tone for the genre, and if I'm being honest, you will look more professional, in my opinion, than if you were wielding a Vampyre. I can't imagine how a low B would sound on an Epi Thunderbird - my mates Gibson goes fuzzy in drop D.

Like DB said - get to the shop and try them if you can. You may surprise yourself.
All good basses.

For under that money, however, I dredged up a used Carvin LB 75. 24 frets, neck-through construction, active pickups (including an "even deeper" switch for the neck pickup and an "even brighter" switch for the treble) with an ebony fretboard and real MOP block inlays. In my case, it's bright Ferrari red with the old Jacksonesque tilted pointy headstock from the James Lomenzo days. The previous owner is playing elevator jazz now, and thought it was a bit too rock and roll for that; so he got something in earthtone wood colors. Amazing player (the bass, that is) and ding-free at that price.

Some amazing values in used basses...
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I like the look of the Warwick Vampyre, but I haven't tried one.

14.3 lbs! *Grunt*