Alright well my last post got closed (didn't read the posting rules), so here is one that is hopefully within the rules! This is a track off my new EP, The Work in Progress EP, and I'm hoping you can all let me know what you think .

The song is called My Number is Three, here's a link to it:



and the words are startin' to wonder.
Psycho spastics wrapped in bovine plastics,
Rollin' in thunder.
Pardon my getaway siloquies,
Garden of mayonaisse,
Hunters dividin' the plunder.
Wringin' the squalors,
Crankin' the collars,
Absorbin' the weight of the wallowers,
Cagin' your followers.

Wings of ire ground to fire,
Academy's grievin'.
Monocle tells me I should claim desire,
Which one of ya's leavin?!
Absolvin' the solvents,
But waivin' involvement,
Of hostin' our paper-machete pariahs.
No provin' that crater's creator aint home to a gator,
Undressing the vapors of maiden messiahs!

Precious repetitions demand control.
The fibre sages prop the wages our forests stole.
Hyphe-marinated islands scold their mothers,
Don't like your skin than try anothers!

Batteries sellin' ya allergies for my deed.
Reflections always seems to be glarin' down on me.
Gotta be selfish or else I'd be helpless,
Unsheltered from their faces!

Don't let me say this again,
Don't let me!

Scared crows hangin' from the breeze,
Their silent pleas so proud.
Angels strangled for their knees,
Their violent glee so loud.

Rape your ruins,
Feed the dead.
Scrape your voice right out my head!
Defiled eyelids,
Draped 'er violet,
Flayed on furrowed bed!

Canniballin' mandibles gloat my needs.
Paintings always seems to be gangin' up on me.
Primal obsession's not a lesson your cries can heed.
Tyrannic thought mechanics,

Don't let me say this again,
Dont' let me say this again,

Don't let me say this again,
Don't let me say this again,
the lyrics are like something like Aesop Rock would write, and your voice kinda sound like Pepper Keenan at time. i like it
Nerdo-sez-bo wrote:

Bon Jovi can just **** off really.

Life is one big question when your starin at the clock
And the answers always waiting at the liquor store, 40 oz to Freedom