So I've been hinting for a while to my girlfriend that I wanted an agile and I have shown her a couple times the models that I liked and it turns out she bought me one for my birthday/or christmas. How close to genuine gibson sound should I expect? Are they as good as they seem long term as many people in the forum and a few friends have told me they are? I'm crazy stoked on this git and I can't stop looking for reviews.

TLDR: http://www.rondomusic.com/al3010sebluef2.html what should i expect from this guitar!
They're solid guitars. You won't mistake one for a Gibson if you've played both, but you can't buy a Gibson for $300 new, either. That's the best Les Paul type guitar you can get new for that price, I think.

Stop looking at reviews, though, you're going to make yourself crazy
Had one.. I Loved the way it played...

I couldn't get mine dialed in to a tone I liked... wanted to upgrade the pickups and pots, but never got around to it..

Congrats on the new Axe!!
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Agile's are great guitars. I found one used at my local Guitar Center once and it played wonderfully for the price. From what I have read there is no veneer on them like most of the Epiphones and other cheaper knockoff brands and the attention to detail is supposed to be very good. As a whole they are probably better than an Epiphone but not quite as good as a Gibson unless you hit the lottery and find a exceptional one. Value wise though they are great and you can save some money for other things like switching out the pickups and putting better ones in. They also seem very consistent as there doesn't seem to be many bad ones floating around, the same can't be said for Epiphones and even Gibson quality is kinda dodgy. I'm sure you'll enjoy yours.
I have a stack of Gibsons, including very old and very new LPs. I've also got three Agile AL series LP-type guitars. Two of them are my go-to bar guitars and the third is my #1 for a particular project that I do.

Honestly, there really isn't a "genuine Gibson sound." There are over 100 Genuine Gibson LP models, and something like fifteen or twenty (at least) sets of pickups that have gone on the things over the years. I've played, over the last six years, more than 25 different serial numbers of original '59 bursts (along with a couple of '58s and '60's), and I can tell you that Gibson itself doesn't do that sound any more.

You're gonna like your Agile. And take care of that girlfriend.
My Agile doesn't get as great a sustain as I have ever heard but other than that issue, it's about as great a guitar as you will get for the price. I've heard that some Agiles require a bit of work, like sanding down rough fret edges, but I didn't have any of those problems with mine.
OP Agile guitars are great. I have a Dauntless(basically equivalent to what you have there) that I got that came stock with EMGs. I put in some Seymour Duncans(JB/59) and now it sounds better than my old Gibson LP Studio.

Great guitars for anyone who wants a decent guitar cheap, or to mess around with modding and stuff without worrying about ruining an expensive guitar.
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That looks sweeeeet.
If you decide you don't want it, just give it to me, ja?
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No definitely want it lol... And to rephrase....
Could it compete with the bigger names and where does out fall short....
Thanks for all the answers, I feel like experience goes farther then specs off the net cause as far as I can find the specs are the same if not better on some of the agiles
My wife just gave me an Agile Harm with toaster pickups as an early Christmas present. I had long lusted after a Ric, but seriously did not dig the necks or feel of the 330/360's I played. The Agile is no Ric, for sure, but it's a damn nice guitar in it's own right. It feels spot on with my other Korean made guitars, and those have been only second to the Japanese guitars I've owned in overall fit, finish, and feel.

Hope you love yours too!
I own a 7 string AL and its my second agile ive owned. used to have an 8 string intrepid. ive been very satisfied by both. the stock pickups in my AL aren't bad (ive since upgraded them) but id suggest upgrading the pots to CTS or something of the sort. mine plays well, sustains nicely (as did the intrepid) and doesn't hardly ever go out of tune. fretwork is pretty good, no dead spots or anything anywhere.

sometimes agiles show up at your door with dings or blems that shouldn't be there, and provided you live in the US, they have a very good exchange/return policy. they're easily on par with other cheaper lines from major brands but they go for less. pretty sure I snagged my AL and a hardcase for around $400. haven't played very many higher end guitars but like i said, my two agiles have been very reliable and solid. its a pretty safe bet to go with

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Nice... I can't wait to play it... I'm thinking about getting a Big muff or a Moose Pie to go with it and get into some schweet stoner metal... Hopefully start a project with my friend...

So in it's own respect, Agile can stand independently as its own guitar rather then being looked at as a LP knock off? I'm probably talking in circles but, I'm effing stoked on this guitar...
I would say that they hang well with other budget guitars all in their own right. They use body shapes reminiscent of some classic guitars, but they seem to play less like knockoff versions of those guitars, and more like interpretations of those guitars for players who don't have thousands to spend on gear.

That's about as thorough of an answer as I can give you, but yeah, you're kind of talking in circles. I totally get being excited by a guitar, and sharing that enthusiasm/wanting to talk about said guitar until it's in-hand, but I'm not sure you'll get much more out of us than you could read on the forums that have discussed these guitars for the last few years.

Just enjoy the feeling of wanting the guitar - it's a fun part of the process to owning the guitar!
Quote by napalo91

So in it's own respect, Agile can stand independently as its own guitar rather then being looked at as a LP knock off?

It depends on you thinking of them that way. I've come around to that way of thinking, but that's not going to be the way everyone sees it.
Update: so I received the guitar and it looked beautiful. I can honestly say that I liked what I saw better in real life. Everything was real smooth binding was nice and the trap inlays were some of the nicest I've seen on a guitar...
However, , to my dismay the headstock was cracked clean off the neck! We messages rondo and they were cool about the whole thing and I should have the guitar within the next few days...
^I've owned several Agile models ranging from their Les Paul copies to their Strat copies to their semi-hollows, and I've gotta say, dealing with them a few times I've noticed that they have some excellent costumer service, I've also heard plenty of stories on how nice they can be; Definitely great guitars for the price tag, I miss mine.. I am sorry to hear you've gotta wait a few more days yet now, ha, but it'll make the playing all the sweeter.