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This is a cover of Growing On Me, from The Darkness, a really fun song with a couple of guitar solos, some crazy ass falsettos and a pounding classic rock and roll beat!

I recorded it in Garageband, using a Sterling Audio ST51 (cheap but very capable) mic directly plugged through an ICICLE XFR to USB port. Nothing fancy, pretty amateur in my opinion but it gets the job done haha.

The drums were made in GuitarPro and converted to real audio with EZdrummer, and the bass is just a midi bass line "bassified" through GB's plugins.

I would really appreciate your feedback, may it be through here or directly in the youtube comments! Thanks a lot!

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Hey dude, pretty good sound especially considering the simple set-up. The drums and bass sound surprisingly good for simulated instruments. I find that bass in particular is tough to simulate using midi but drums are much easier thanks to things like EZdrummer and SD2. Solo guitar tone had a pleasant fuzziness to it reminiscent of 70's blues and hard rock bands.

I put a video cover up here if you don't mind doing a little critique.

I really liked the guitar solo tone. The drums and bass sound very tight, which for virtual instruments, is really good.
Vocals were pretty damn good, though the falsetto bits kinda threw me off at first. Then, I remembered that the singer from The Darkness does that all the time and it made sense

Very good job!
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