Right now I'm really into Black Keys an White Stripes type of stuff and I notice that they would use feedback while soloing but I'm not sure they use it when playing chords and such, so I mainly want to know will players make use of feedback when playing chords, specifically power chords or sure you just make use of feedback when soloing
I mean, I use it sometimes with chords, but that's usually for intros or closings. Otherwise it might be too much noise and distracting. . . but, hell,if you can make it work, or want to, don't be afraid to innovate.
Like JelloCrust said, if you can make it work then go ahead and use it. Some people don't like that feedback sound but I think its cool. Cobain used to use it a lot if you ever watch his live stuff or listen to the Bleach album. J Mascis from Dinosaur Jr. uses feedback for chords/rhythm and solos. Sonic Youth, and My Bloody Valentine too.

I know you didn't ask for suggestions but...