I'm in Love with the Guitar Rig IceVerb sound. you can push it so far and beyond and end up in the most insane soundscapes. But i'm trying to go Analog, Got a new tweed blues Deluxe for starters. but now i Must have that sound, and it is nowhere to be found!
Does Anyone know anything about the origin of this effect or the closest thing?
Please, i really need it.
damn that guy sounds like jackblack. But this aint exactly it. the iceverb, it just goes so far! turn it up to all wet and it sounds like someone is playing a'n distorted theremin in a giant empty factory. The ShimVerb does sound a little like it but on the iceverb you can adjust the color and such. I'm gonna go down this guys youtube acount. I'm just hoping that Native Instruments didn't make up the iceverb and just copied an exciting effect
Thx for the Links!
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the shimverb is pretty meh. i'd only get one if you just need bog standard, no-frills reverb and you can get it cheap (I got mine for ~£28 IIRC). Any more money than that and there are better options, really.
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An other option would be buying a cheap reverb pedal and modifying it (if you know how to electric though)