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2 years ago when I finally got an electric guitar I had this dillema: should I go hardware ( Line6, Eleven, etc) or go software (Guitar rig, Amplitube, TH2, etc) ... well, the easiest path for me was to try software based amp sim, so that's what I did. After some testing I decided to go with Overloud. So far so good ... but one thing I noticed after a while is that when I'm playing with just the guitar and the amp sim., the sound quality is really good, but when I'm recording with a backing track using my Daw I noticed a sound quality loss in the final recording.

Well, I know that there are several reasons for that, one because the computer processor has now the task to handle several processes, but mainly the DAW (recording, playing, etc) + the amp sim (converting my guitar signal and sending it to the computer) ... I could raise the sample rate, but the latency will be an issue here. The computer specs like: processor, ram, hd speed, OS also. ( I use a Macbook Air with 4gb adn SSD drive, so it's average overall )

The hardware solution could be better here, bacause the hardware amp sim will be responsible to handle the guitar signal in its internal processor and just send the final 'product' to the computer.

I never used a hardware amp sim before, so maybe someone could share his/her experiences regarding performance issues here.

Normally the maker of the hardware amp sim, make available a software interface so one could edit/update it, but I'm not considering that situation. It's just (guitar+HW.amp.sim+daw ) versus (guitar+SW.amp.sim+daw)

Hw can be very pricy too: AxeFx??? ... Line6 Pod series can be a good candidate, and I'm curious about Yamaha THR.
What interface are you using? There's a sticky dedicated to amp sims etc over in the recordings forum (this thread would be better suited to that forum really).

You'll always have more flexibility using software sims over the ones built into a multi effects unit.

You could also consider buying a real amp and not simulating anything....
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Cool - when you mentioned everything else except that, I thought you might have been trying to go direct into your PC mic input with a 3.5mm jack converter

But seriously, go over to recordings & check out the VST sticky. Also join in with the chat thread, there are some really knowledgeable guys there who will be able to help you solve the issues you're having.
Gibson LP Traditional, LP GT, LP Studio, SG Standard x2
Barber Tone Press > EHX Worm >TC Polytune > EXH Glove > EHX East River Drive > Zoom G3 > TC Spark Mini Booster
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I have a GT-10 and AmpliTube. They're pretty much the same quality. The main differences are in what they actually model. And if they do model the same amp, the controls will work different. One of the major differences is the interaction between the preamp gain and volume control but every single thing that models amps handles it differently. But the GT-10 has some settings on the models that make everything sound better that aren't naturally on by default and are easy to miss. But once you know about these, you're golden. Both respond like a real amp but neither feels like an amp's speakers though unless you're actually running them through guitar speakers. But both suffer from that phenomenon you mentioned about the recorded sound being worse than the live sound. But I've only tried it through USB. The GT-10 goes straight into my PC. When I use AmpliTube, I use ASIO on the GT-10. It might just be a GT-10 or USB thing. But if you're having sound quality problems, try recording raw and re-amping later to avoid introducing latency from the amp sims.
Much thanks JELIFISH19, important info here!

... funny but I just realized I forgot a very basic thing regarding the final results in terms of guitar sound quality with my amp.sim: I said that when i play just the guitar + amp.sim without any other instruments in the mix, the overall sound is just great and in the mix with the other instruments I noticed a degree of quality. Well, this degree of quality is more related to getting a muddier guitar sound in the mix. I forgot (basic stuff) that with other instruments I may need to use another guitar equalization. I tried more Mids, bit up the Treble and Presence --> much better results! ... I wish I could deal better with Latency when increasing the Sample Rate, but that's directly related to computer overall power (which is limited in my case) ... I will also test recording it raw as JELIFISH19 suggest and then re-amp ...

Well, for a mobile solution I own I believe I'm very close to the best I can get from it. A better Mixing strategy will also help here. Anyways, I still will keep my eye on the hardware way ... learning new things at least :-)
The quality has nothing to do with your computer's processing power, it has to do with your mixing skill level. You're used to playing guitar as a singular instrument, dialing in your tone to sound good by itself. You're not thinking of the bigger picture and how it sits in a mix with other instruments.
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