I'm crying again tonight.
My world has changed,I don't know why.
I've lost everything I loved.
I'm walking through the city streets.
Looking at lights and thinking about past.

Everyone takes his cross,everyone has his battle.
I'm tired of fighting against myself.
I've spend nights and nights thinkin' about past.
I've searched for so many reasons,
And I still don't know why this happened.

Don't tell that everything will be ok.
Don't tell me that. I heard this so many times.
And I know thats the most stupid thing I've ever heard.

I believe. X6

I believe that everybody is created to be someone.
That there is somewhere out there someone created just for us.
I believe that after life we all go on better place.
I believe in love.

I believe. X6

I believe that God will forgive all we did wrong.
That He has answers on all our stupid questions.
That He heards us and knows what we're going through.
I believe in love.

I believe. X6