I have the 60 watt 5150 combo right now and I love it. It's a wonderful amp and fits my playing/writing style excellently. That said, I played a 5150 III Mini the other day and damn... a truly phenomenal amplifier. It takes all of the little issues I have with my 5150 combo, most notably the last of the slight fizz which remains I just can't seem to eradicated from my working tone, and shines through with all of the rest of the qualities that make me love my Peavey's lead channel. But honestly, that really isn't enough for me to think of selling my 5150. Then I switched to the clean channel. There's no comparison here, the EVH's cleans were excellent. This is the channel that's making me think of switching.

Here's the issue though, I'd have to sell my 5150 combo and I'd realistically be getting around 600 dollars for it (it's in excellent shape though compared to most of the used one's I've seen and has brand new tubes in it, so maybe that'll help), but even with that, scoring a used 5150 III AND the 2x12 cab for it is going to run me around 500 bucks if I sell my Peavey for 600 (and that's being optimistic).

So, does anyone have any experience/own the EVH? Is it worth going from my Peavey to the EVH just to get a better clean channel and marginally improved lead channel for 500 bucks, or is there a better way to smooth out my existing 5150 whether it be through tubes or a pedal? Essentially, what do you guys think of the 5150 III mini and is it worth trading up to? Thanks
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Dude, you're pretty much ****ed.

If you get the EVH, in a few months you're going to be like "not as aggressive as the 5150". If you keep the 5150, you're never going to be satisfied with the cleans and crunch.

Just do yourself a favor and get a 2nd amp for cleans.