Can I have some pro opinion on this? It's an esp ltd f-200 that I'm looking to buy. I got this pic from the dealer today. He said there's a pickup frame that needs to be replaced and that there is a blister in between the pickups

What exactly is a blister? Does that mean it just needs a new paint job ? Other than that, nothing else about this guitar bothers me.

Both pickups rings have cracks, they are cheap to replace though. The blister is that ugly spot between the pickups, looks like the paint bubbled or something there. You will spend more than the guitar is worth on a new paint job. If you can't live with the imperfection, don't buy it.
Bubbling from something hot? The dealer said he didn't know where it was from.
Quote by J_W
You will spend more than the guitar is worth on a new paint job.

Not necessarily.

If he can live with a minor imperfection, any woodworker should be able to repair the blemish to a certain extent without refinishing the entire guitar body, for cheap.
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