Hi guys,

I recently bought a secondhand PRS custom 24. When i got the guitar it had some buzz on the first few frets on the low strongs but it was quite badly set up and had old strings on it. It hadn't been played for a long time so i presumed it just needed a setup.

I brought it to a local guitar tech (who is known to be very good) and asked for a setup and some 0.11 strings. He set up the guitar with minimal to no fret buzz but the action was quite high for a PRS. I'm pretty picky on these things so i lowered my bridge a bit and succeeded in putting the action lower. However, i now have fret buzz on my higher frets around the 12TH, still only the lower strings. It's not horrible but strong enough to bother me when playing clean and i want to move back to 0.10 gauge so i'm scared it'll get worse.

Now, it's a PRS from 2000. I don't see any fret wear to be honest but i guess it's possible that some frets aren't level or have some hardly noticable wear on them. What could be causing this buzz? and what would be a sollution to be able to set it up at PRS standards again?

Thanks in advance!
Have the frets dressed/leveled
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