So my mom got me tickets for an avett brothers show in march, specifically the one at RIT Gordon Field House in Rochester NY, But she got seating and I wanted to watch the show with some friends. So the question is will they let me into the general admission?
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I went to a few show's where they said I had seating, but the venue was standing only... I guess it depends on the venue.
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No. And you might get kicked out for trying. GA tickets or "floor" tickets as they are commonly referred to are typically closer to the stage and more expensive.
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Kinda depends on how things are set up. I went to a concert once where I was seated on the far left but my friend and his family were on the right, so I just went over to my seat and then worked my way through the seats to be by them. Didn't really matter that I didn't have a seat over there because we were standing. So maybe. Most likely no though. Unless by general admission you mean lawn seats, in which case you could probably convince them.
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Probably not. The only show I've seen there was GA was on the floor in the center of the arena and the seating tickets were the bleachers around the sides and back of the arena.
I'm not familiar with this venue, but if you have a seat and therde is also standing room, generally you can go to GA with a seat ticket.
There's a venue near me where the security once you get in is fairly lax so I've bought seating tickets and been able to walk straight into the standing area. Don't know the layout of your venue but be on the lookout for opportunities and go for it.
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It depends on the venue. I've been to shows where they let anyone into GA, but I've been to a few venues where they check tickets at each different location.