I can't seem to tune my 10inch tom properly ... If i go too tight its too high pitched and go softer its too low ... Any tips for 10 inchers ??

Also it's making my snare rattle every time i hit the tom :/ is this because of my snare or because of the tom ?

Thanks friends
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I find that they have an unpleasant sound and feel regardless of what tension you tune them to. I ended up taking mine out of my kit.

The snare rattling when you hit it is due to sympathetic vibrations. The tuning on the tom tom is close enough to the tuning of the snare drum that it causes the snare to rattle when you hit the tom tom. There is no way to completely get rid of it. You can reduce it somewhat by slightly detuning the lugs that are nearest to your snare wires on the bottom snare head.
To reduce the snare rattle some rubber matting or a carpet tile under the snare stand might help.