I'm not that into jazz and stuff, so take this as you will.
I really liked it, nice skills and a really nice improvisation that flowed well.

dunno sequence u were doing in the beginning it but it was cool after that was ehh I guess u were doing some experimental rock there which isnt a bad thing doing something catchy would catch the listeners ear = ) keep that in mind

far as ur technical abilities well it wouldnt be fair for me to say your overal ability just from one song so ill just say this ur fast ... the kind of potential speed that can be capable of doing mind blowing shred licks i think with more practice you'll be well on your way

a personal advice for future songs whether your doing fast lines or other technical stuff stay musical ... hope this helps glad I could listen

If you will c4c
"its not the destination.... so much as the journey" one once said
Thank you both of you. I cant figure out your link, its 404'ing me. I'm not really sure what staying musical means. I try and play melodic lines, and I try and get themes going on, and those are both musical aspects. If you mean play fancier jazzier arpeggios and scales then I kinda agree with you, but I was only working with maj7's in this song. I feel like I keep in mind not to stick with one monotonous idea, and only do the little bucketshred licks a few times because theyre fun. Which is the point of music, fun. But I will keep everything you said in mind because I understand the underlying point, keep it like buckethead lol.
He means that playing fast 90% of the time can make the music sound unmusical.

A lot of melody revolves around leaving space and allowing a phrase to become a phrase, otherwise it just becomes part of the never ending solo. I think you might just need to find your sound. I don't play fast like that - I'm more of a Hendrix/Froosh/Queens type of player. Rock/Blues/Funk/Jazz with a proggy aspect, so my playing is all about phrasing, and it's something I have to work on all the time, trying to find licks and link them together etc. And when I learn loads of new stuff or find ideas that I like they sound jumbled for ages until I implement it into my style with confidence. So I hear some stuff there that works and some stuff that's ideas that don't work as yet, but I'm sure they will.

Your technique is good, there was a few bending technique issues I saw. Possibly because the action is so low to facilitate the speed that it's quite difficult to bend.

I think you're a good guitarist.