Hey here are my critiques
Flood: I like the idea of this song definitely has potential, it's very grungy, the whole song however sounds kinda flat in my opnion, it might just be a tuning issue. The quality on the instruments are all good though, I also noticed you sang over the main vocals on a couple verses, they sound kind off and because they are in the same key it just sounds a little off to me so maybe try harmonizing instead of singing in the same 'line' of the key. Cool idea though...

It's hard to critique the acoustic stuff as they're obviously rough and done in one take, but you have good ideas just have to run full circle with them. Also I don't consider my self a good singer so from a person trying to get better at singing I would just say try getting some vocal lessons it'll help with the pitchiness and will tighten your vocals! thanks for listening to mine!