I recently removed the stock bridge of my VM jaguar and replaced it with a gotoh tunomatic bridge, and the process seemed straight forward enough that I installed it myself instead of taking if to a tech. I used the electrical tape method to make it fit into the holes on the body and filed the notches down some so that the strings I use (11's) would fit. All in all there's a few minor problems I've encountered since putting on.

The action is okay, and I don't know anything about setting intonation but the jag seems to play fine for the most part, except the high e string. It constantly goes flat mere seconds after it's tuned. I've never had this problem out the stock bridge, just until installed the gotoh one. I don't understand why it'd now detuning so constantly. Is there a step I missed in installing this bridge that might be causing this?
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A couple possibilities: Have you tried replacing the string? Have you checked the saddle and nut for a nick the the string gets caught in while tuning?