Hey guys! I need to record a video of me playing a few songs for an audition to music school. I have never recorded a video of myself playing so im a bit confused on how to go about doing so. I have a macbook pro and all the equipment neccissarry to record (i think... well at least record audio) but how do i record the video and sync it woth the audio. When i use the webcam the audio sounds like shit. Is there a way i can record audio and video at the same time but have it sound like it would in garageband? Hopefully that makes sense!
record the video using a mic and audio interface like you would on garage band, record the video with the webcam, your phone or whatever you can, then use imovie to put the 2 together leaving out any unnecessary audio from the video recording.
To make sure you get the timing lined up you can clap your hands in front of the camera and try to line up the sound with the video if that makes sense...