No moment in time will take your image away,
All I hope is to forgive myself and keep my demons at bay.

Who I was and what I was doing was never true,
Every day I was always to scared I would lose you.

If I sense your purity and perfection near,
I Promise I will leave before you feel any type of fear.

You came into my life from the depths of a world above,
Too magnificent for someone like me to feel your love.

My dreams are all of you without my love or hand,
Can't touch another as perfect as you I understand.

The places you took me in body mind soul and spirit,
Taught me that I am strong and to never fear it.

Hoping I did something for you to have happy memories of me,
I am able to stay myself and make it the only one you see.

But you will never see me with you eyes again,
Keeping myself from you until the end.

Mid Day

Why did you go back to love him,
You told me to protect from him.

Lie to my face act innocent,
I created hell live in it.

Did you like being told to change,
You told me to become insane.

Said everything I did was wrong,
Can't see myself it's been to long.

You took my love away from me,
You went back and said he is free.

I May have voices that I hide,
But you let people slip inside.

Replaced me without thought at all,
Well bitch you can watch yourself fall.


So hard to sleep without you in my bed,
So hard to sleep with them all in my head.
So much hate here I deserve to be dead,
So much falseness in all the things I said.

Forget me my love and joy in this life,
Forget me my love and my future wife.
Forget my love and cut it with a knife,
Forget my love and there will be less strife.

Dream of beauty that has always been you,
Dream of beauty that has always been true.
Dream no nightmares I would have pulled you through,
Dream no nightmares this I cannot do.

I will see you every day until death,
I will see you until my long last breathe.
I wish I could have seen and simply left,
I wish I could close my eyes simply rest.
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