Hi all,

I installed pickups that had previously worked in a different guitar into a fresh one. After getting everything wired into place, there's no sound from the neck. So digging around, I found this thread where Cord advises to hold a multimeter to the tip and ground of a lead. So trying this, I get 0 Ohms ( or close enough, about 2, and I get a good healthy 8.5K from the bridge pup, so the multimeter's working). Now, my research indicates that the coils are shorted, HOWEVER before I stuck the pickups in, I tested the ground and live wires from the pickup, and got the expected 8.8K or so.

So I don't think it's the pickup that's the problem. Does anyone have and ideas on what could be the problem?

You probably fried a pot, or have a broken connection somewhere between the pickups and the jack. Wire the pickups straight to the output jack and see if that gives you full output.
OK so had a further look. It's a braided wire pickup. So poked around inside and saw the braid was touching the lug where hot is wired to, so I moved it a tried again, now I'm getting a reading of 0.7 K Ohms, so it's 1/10 of what it should be. I think the pot's ok. I was reusing old pots, but checked they were reading 500K before using, and they were fine.

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What about after installation, though? If you hold an iron on them too long you can lift the inner contacts right off.

This really sounds like a short somewhere in the line, keep looking. I'd unsolder the pots and check them again.
I think that's the way I'll have to go alright! Well cheers for the help!

I'm thinking in order of likelihood:
1. Volume pot is the problem (checked the tone pot just now, it's good)
2. Loose connection / bad joint in the circuit somewhere
3. Humbucker itself
Right, looks like it was a shoddy wire somewhere.

I unsoldered the pickup, and got 8.5k between the braid and inner wire.
I then took everything off the volume pot, got 500K across the outside lugs, and a nice 0 - 500K sweep across the centre and outside lugs when turning the dial. Still curious, I held the pickup wire to a lead plugged into my amp, and perfect sound.

So we know it's not the pickup or pot, so I guess that leaves a bad wire somewhere. Back to soldering I go! Feels better now knowing what the problem is!

Thanks again for all the help Roc!
For future reference, pickups practically never fail shorted. If they fail at all, they will become open.

While it is possible to damage a pot by excessive heat, you have go be pretty rough with or.

99% of non-working wiring jobs are the result of faulty wiring, not a bad part. In cases where it is a bad part, a worn-out switch is more likely to be the culprit.
Cheers again for all the advice lads. I'll try to rewire it back tomorrow, and tackle the switch if that fails.

The great irony of this is I changed the baseplate on the bridge pickup with no problems, but it was the trusty neck one that failed.
Right, so we're done! Turns out it was a bad cap on the tone pot.

After checking the switch for continuity to the live tip of the lead, I was happy enough that wasn't the issue. So I wired everything back into place with still no sound. Not trusting the shoddy job I did of wiring the cap to the tone pot many moons ago, I snipped the wire from the bridge to the tone pot, to get blissful sound! Job done. If I really miss the tone pot, I'll wire it back in with a new pot and cap, bit for now I'm happy with things.

Thanks again for all the help everyone!