Hey guys,

I just got an old Barclay acoustic guitar from my grandfather, who got it when he was young and never played it. I can't figure out what the serial number is because it is faded. All I can see is 00 on the left and then farther to the right a 62-3. It looks like there could be more letters/numbers in between, but I can't tell. I was just wondering specifics on this model since i can't find anything and how much it is worth.

There is a whole discussion thread on old Barclays over at www. guitarsite.com. Cheers
Barclay's were manufactured for department stores by Harmony, although a few were made by Kay.

Think of any large retailer and you can get an idea of the value and construction of the guitar. He probably got it from Sears as they were a big box for both Harmony and Kay back in the day.

They rarely sell for anything over $100.00, but seeing as its been in your family for so many years, I would keep it for sentimental value alone.

More than likely it has ladder bracing, which isn't a bad thing, but it will sound differently from most other guitars that you may be used to.

With the limited serial #, about all I can tell you is it was manufactured in March 1962.