I am new to the guitar, been playing a few months, so this may be a dumb question but figured I would ask. My current guitar is a Schector Damien solo elite which has a 42mm nut width. When I got my guitar I specifically went with a guitar with a nut width that was on the higher end because I have large fingers (size 13-14 ring, and my fingers have a .5"-.75" diamter).

Now that I have learned some chords, developed a little more flexibility it has me wondering if I would not be better suited with a slightly smaller width. The reason I say this is because when I am doing a power chord, G or C as an example, I can get in position very easily but I find that my fingers are so round that it is very difficult to keep my pinky from muting the D. I have noticed that with my large fingers I can usually hit the B & G with my ring finger but on occasion I dont get the full note. My thought is that if I had a nut width that was slightly thinner it would be much easier for me to simply use 1 finger for both notes instead of crunching 2 fingers in the same fret. The only problem is that I realize there is a ton of chords, notes, etc that I dont know about yet so I dont know if this would create a bad habit later on that will get in the way of my progression.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I realise this is no help, but it's one of those things that some players like, and some dislike.

I find a narrower nut width is easier to fret two adjacent strings at the same fret with the one finger, yeah. Say a vintage spec fender is probably slightly narrower than 42mm, 41.5 maybe (1 5/8"). Narrower can feel more cramped for lead playing/bends, though.
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