I am looking at purchasing my first delay pedal. I do not want a cheap behringer one or something that will only last me a year. I am not sure if I want an analog or digital pedal. I have listened to both and liked the sounds of both for different reasons.

The 4 pedals I have been looking at are the Boss DD-3, Boss DD-7, MXR Carbon Copy and the Way Huge Aqua Puss. If I were to get any I would most likely get it used off of ebay. I am currently playing a lot of Blues, Rock and some Alternative Grunge kind of Music. Artists and Bands like The Black Keys, White Stripes, RHCP, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Gary Clark Jr., Eric Clapton, Joe Bonamassa, Oasis and Pearl Jam. Kind of a wide variety. I also want a delay pedal that is versatile since it is my first one and I don't plan on getting a Digital and analog but if there are any other suggestions for delay pedals under around 150 new that would be great.

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I've used Boss delays before and they're good, I've never had any issues with them personally. The carbon copy and aqua puss smokes the boss pedals imo. If you're willing to go a tiny bit more expensive, tc electronic's flashback is also great and super versatile with that nifty tone print feature. But no matter what I say, just try a whole bunch if you're able to and see what works for your tastes and functionality.

Having said that, them guitars and pedals will sound way better through something that's not a little practice amp
i have a flashback x4, just get the regular flashback as you probably don't need the looper. I think the Boss pedals are good too, although I have three Boss pedals and two of them have problems with the switches.
Quote by bigblockelectra
i have a flashback x4, just get the regular flashback as you probably don't need the looper. I think the Boss pedals are good too, although I have three Boss pedals and two of them have problems with the switches.

Is the looper on the regular flashback any good?
The regular flashback does not have a looper...the x4 has loop functions.

What are the characteristics of a "bad" loopers?

the x4 is sold as a 40 second looper....that is only if you run in mono mode. I use two amplifiers, and did not think there would be a difference in time between mono and stereo. It is not mentioned anywhere in the sales literature or in the manual. I even returned the first unit I got as it was "broken". The Tore/Jesus guy who is in a lot of the TC videos on youtube answered a post I made online and said 20/stereo 40/mono.

I think some of the people complain about not easily being able to set the different delay functions when the looper is active. I have not needed to do that as of yet.

All-in-all, I don't use the loop function as often as I thought I would and unless you want to use the 4 slots they give you on the x4 for toneprints, I would just get the smaller flashback with its single toneprint slot.
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I've had the carbon copy for a few years now. I absolutely love it. I haven't ever thought about getting another delay pedal since. I think it's perfect. It doesn't have a lot of extra stuff on it.. like a looper, or reverse modes or anything like that, like Boss pedals do. But i just don't think you can beat the sound.
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Quote by bigblockelectra
The regular flashback does not have a looper...the x4 has loop functions.

Yes it does. Same thing though: 20 seconds stereo, 40 seconds mono. Taken from page 13 of the manual for the regular, although it doesn't appear in the x4 manual... that's odd.
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So now looking at more pedals and reading responses I have now narrows it down to 3 pedals. The Boss DD-3, Vox Satriani Time Machine or the TC Electronic Flashback. Sounds like the Vox is and the TC are the most versatile. Which one do you prefer? What pedal do you think fits my standards (Blues/Rock/Alternative/Jazz, versatile and a good first delay
I'd recommend the Flashback but the tap tempo is awful, if I were you I'd go for a DD7, its simple and it has more options than the dd3

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In reality, I don't use all of the presets on my flashback X4. The reverse mode is useless to me and I don't really use the lofi or slapback....They all sound good though. But the nice thing about the flashback is the toneprint stuff.....the toneprint editor opens up a lot of the parameters that are not adjustable on the actual hardware like what you would be able to do with a $500 strymon delay pedal. The editor is a little hard to use, but it is available and there are tons of other presets that you can download into your flashback pedal.

You might want to take a look at the software and what people say about it....maybe that is a selling point for you. I was going to buy a DD-7 and bought the flashback instead, not because I thought it sounded better, but because it seemed to have a little more variety in the long run.

The tap tempo is not awful on the x4...it works like any other tap tempo would that I has used. Can't speak about the regular flashback. I think the regular flashback used to only have a strum tempo which people didn't seem to like, and I think the latest model has a tap tempo.