Hey guys,
I am in a band and play Arctic Monkeys/Miles Kane kind of stuff, with some Nirvana and Biffy Clyro thrown in. I currently own a Boss ME-70, but I am looking for a pedal to use as a boost and also to give me some extra bite. I am struggling to decide between the blues driver or DS-1, which one do you guys think?
I use a Fender Mexican Telecaster and run into an Orange Micro Terror stack.
Its distortion vs overdrive. I have both pedals and the bd2 is waaaay better for most tones.

The ds1 really doesn't work as a boost. A noisy, chaotic mess is more its thing.
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BD-2 will def give you some bite. You can get a similar sound from messing with the EQ on the ME-70 and Blues model setting, but maybe not the boost you want (maybe something on the comp setting?)
I'd get the BD-2. It's more close to an overdrive pedal, and in return more close to a tube-screamer which is a holy grail of boost pedals.
BD-2 doesn't sound bad as a stand alone either.

I have a DS-1. It's not bad, but as a boost, it's lacking.
I can get a usable boost by setting the distortion all the way down, tone knob about a little under the halfway mark, and adjust level accordingly.
It can get the job done, but in the end I just wish I had an overdrive pedal instead as a boost.

Hope this helps.
I'd go for the BD-2 as well.
Never owned one but played several.

Owned a DS-1, and even with Keeley mods, it just didn't work for me.
Thanks guys, I'll go over to my local music shop and see if they have a Blues Driver in yet, and just see which one I prefer