What's better for playing Ska/Reggae a P-Bass or J-Bass? And what are some example is you can offer any...

Thanks and rock on!

P.S.- Mainly 3rd wave ska please

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A J has a more "warm" tone so I'd say go for that if you're into a more dubby bass tone. A P has a bit more growl, better suited for a picked "punk" tone. What's your band called?
Honestly, you can't go wrong with either. You'll find examples of each working well. They can both pull off a great deep dub sort of tone, and a more full-range growly picked sort of tone.
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Well; the "Man" himself plays a Jazz, so...

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It's all about opinions. Try both and see what you like. Precision is a one trick pony but the sound just fits every genre. It's my favorite bass sound. Jazz is more versatile sound-wise - so if you like the bridge pickup/both pickups sounds, get a Jazz. But no bass is better for a certain style. You see both Jazz and Precision basses used in every genre.
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