hey guys im just wondering something, to me when playing through my amp with music also playing, it seems a lot of time my a string is quieter than my e string if that makes sense, like the a 5th fret is nice and loud but the higher ones (1,2,3) all seem to be much quieter, my e string has no trouble with volume on any fret, so im just wondering if anyone could help me understand why some parts of my bass seem so much quieter when playing through a song. i should also note that i have the same issue sometimes when playing through guitar rig 5 on my computer to record covers.
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try raising the action on your A string very slightly. you'll probably need a small allen key to do so. make sure you tune the string back to A after wards.
You action is the height of your strings from the body or neck. This is done by adjusting the screws at the bridge. Check out the set-up posts in the forum, its useful to know.
there are also a good few tutorials online both video and text. IIRC, Warwick do a whole series of videos about setting up everything to do with a bass. although it does have some warwick specific info, alot of it is non brand specific
It is a common effect. Remember, those first two strings (the G and the D) are tuned to a much higher pitch, and they are thinner than the E and the A strings. Your G string is practically the same string as the low "E" on a guitar. Since higher frequencies are more easily amplified than are lower frequencies, those two are going to sound louder. Angling your pickups to ward the low strings and away from the high strings will help, but to truly balance it out, your EQ is the best bet. Set it flat and make small increments until you get a balanced sound that you like.
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