Okay first off I'm new here so I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong section but I'm kind of getting desperate here. In the song The Count of Tuscany what effect is John Petrucci using around the 11:20 mark, and is there any pedal available that would give me the same or a similar sound? My friend recommend the boss super chorus but I'm not to sure if thats what I'm looking for. Thank you in advance
It sounds like it's a chorus effect with volume swells, but it may also just be an e-bow with volume swells. There's also a little bit of reverb. If it is a chorus effect, which I think it more likely than an e-bow, I believe Petrucci uses the TC Electronic Dreamscape pedal. You could get something similar out of most chorus pedals.
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****ing amazing song first off. That was the song that first got me into Dream Theater. And they're volume swells with some whammy. I'm sure he has a couple other effects too of course.