I apologize in advance for the length of this post, please read as I could really use some help!

So a few weeks ago I got my first decent guitar (decent as in, the 2 guitars I had before wouldn't fetch £200 combined if sold) an ESP LTD MH-330 FR. I love the guitar, the look, the tone (mostly), the feel of it, the Floyd Rose (my first Floyd, took some adjusting to playing-wise, as my hand used to lean on the bridge quite a lot when playing before, and obviously you cannot do that with an FR)

However, I feel that, compared to my other guitars, the bridge pickup sounds rather thin and, well, crappy when I use distortion of any kind, it renders the FR half pointless as I can barely get harmonics out of it, the clean tone is brilliant, but not the distortion. The pups are actives, and I've been looking into changing out the bridge, though I'm not sure what to go for. In terms of price, I can spend around £100 (but no more than £100, as I will need to pay to get it installed) I want something beefy, that will sound hard n' heavy with distortion, looking for more of a metal/hard rock tone.

Any advice would be much appreciated here, which pickup to get, compatibility with the guitar itself and whatnot. The guitar has a Mahogany body, I don't know much about pickup routing, I just brushed upon it in the main pickup thread.

My second issue: The bridge is a Floyd Rose Special, before I got the guitar, half the people I asked for advice said it would stay in tune just fine, seeing as the bridge is very similar in build and design to an OFR, and the other half said something along the lines of "Start out in Drop D, use the whammy bar, and you go to drop F, it won;t stay in tune" Obviously it isn't that bad, but the guitar simply cannot handle heavy whammy bar use, and when I say heavy, I mean shifts of up to or less than a whole tone either way, there is a noticeable detune, of up to a quarter tone if the whammy usage is really excessive. But, even when I leave the whammy bar alone, there is still some slight tuning stability issues, I've had it setup properly by my local guitar tech twice, and set it up once myself, and it's never stayed completely in tune. Is this to be expected with a Floyd Rose Special bridge? Or is it something else?

Again, sorry for the long post, but I'm not sure what to do here
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I'm assuming you wan't to stay with actives since you just want to change one pup.

Since you think it's too thin sounding I'd suggest an EMG 85 or 85x. They have a good bit of bass and low mids. The X series are supposed to sound a little more passive but I don't have one so I couldn't say if that's true.
Yes, I want to stay with actives.

Besides sounding more like passives, are there any other differences between the 85 and the 85x?