Hey everyone. So as of late both of my amps decided to tap into the "repair me" mode and crapped out at the same time. The two amps are a Kustom 100 DFX 100w combo and a Line 6 Spider 2 120w combo, both solid state.

The Line 6 worked fine as I used it for band practice earlier today, moved it a few hundred feet (without dropping it) and set it aside only to find that the very next time I turned it on there was no sound being amplified to the speakers. Headphones work fine through the headphone jack with all parameters working as they should. The speakers aren't blown, as I can hear the signal when turning on the amp itself. Guitars are fine and work the way they should; I just find it strange that 15 minutes before hand the amp was working perfectly fine without ever going past 4-5 on the master volume.

Has anyone had similar problems and if so what was your solution? I'm not very tech savvy but am willing to do whatever it takes to get my instrumental voice back so any opinion/ resolution would be very much appreciated and looked into. I have a feeling it may be a connection issue with the soldering, since it gets really cold up here rather quickly. I'm just not too aware of the internal electrical components and what they do so it's somewhat a maze trying to figure out the the problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated
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If the preamp and power amp circuit boards are connected with quick-connects or ribbon cable, you could check and make sure one of the connections isn't bad. Sorry I can't be of much help on this. I don't have any experience with those amps.