Hey guys, I recently put together my first ever complete song (guitar, rhythm, and shitty drums because I'm awful at writing them). Anywho, now that I have the song put together and finalized, I was wondering if you could give me any pointers on mastering and mixing for future songs that I put out. Should I raise or lower the volume of certain tracks, cut out some treble, ect. Any feedback would be wonderful and I'd love to C4C.

I would suggest buying something like EZDrummer or Superior Drummer from toontrack, where it comes with hundreds, if not thousands of drum patterns played by pro drummers. Though it can be time consuming trying out lots of drum patterns to see if it fits your guitar riffs, the drum patterns can inspire new guitar riffs. Unless you already own it, toontrack was selling EZDrummer for a measly $30 just a few days ago (through Guitar Center), but I think that deal is gone. I like some of the guitar riffs, but yeah, the drums need work. I would prefer a basic drum beat throughout to be honest. I think you're trying to get too flashy on the drums at this point (though you'll probably get better at being flashy in the future). If this is your first complete song, you're bound to get better if you stick with it. You can always redo the drums later (assuming you used a MIDI time based drum machine or software) when you get better at programming or get better software. Good luck! Please review my music at this link:

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