Hi, I am buying new guitar, and buying new amp as well.

I did play acoustic guitar, but never owned an amp.

I live in Condo and my room isnt big enough to get the big amps.

I searched google and it seems like fender mustang l and peavey vvpyr vip 1 are

the good ones.

I found somewhat reasonable price from local market and thinking about buying mustang 1. What are the pros/cons of this amp? would you suggest me to get this amp?
Didn't you just open a 'What Amp' thread?


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budget-genres-gig?-new/used?closest city?
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Don’t buy a Mustang 1. I have one collecting dust right next to me. It can make a lot of great sounds but getting it to do so is rarely worth the hassle.
My son and I are just getting into learning, too.

I'm giving us the gear in my sig line for Christmas, along with a few months of lessons.

I was very impressed with the Fender Mustangs and felt they offered some great features and sound. I believe they'll fully meet our needs and get us started.

The Mustang I seemed about right for a condo. I liked the fact that these sounded good at low volumes.
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