I currently play through a Behringer BXL3000 and am hoping to add a 4x10 cab to it. I found a decent cab at a really good price but when researching the cab i found that it's an 8 ohm cab. My question is whether i'll run into problems with this since the amp is a 4 ohm system. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
Your amp doesn't have an external speaker output - at least by looking at pictures I couldn't see a speaker output. So you need a new amp if you want to use a 4x10 cab.
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Yeah MaggaraMarine is right, your amp can not run an external speaker cab. You will need a new amp to do this
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That makes sense. I once played a show where I borrowed a 410 cab (it was a Kustom DeepEnd 410 with Eminence aftermarket speakers installed) from the bassist of a friendly band on the bill. I just plugged the cab into the line out jack on the back of the amp and it seemed to work just fine for our 45 minute set. My concern is in the long term if I got an external cabinet. I've been looking at the Hartke Kilo with a pair of 410 cabs for the top end and a pair of 115 cabs for the bottom end. Right now I just don't have the funds and was looking for something to get me by until then. My guess is you're suggesting I don't add an external cab?
Well; you can't add a cabinet to your particular amplifier without some extensive modifications. The Hartke rig you describe would be quite versatile, and there are plenty of combo amps that are designed to power an external cabinet - SWR, for instance. The "Line Out" on your amp sends a line-level signal to the cabinet, but it is not designed to power a cabinet. You would - if you wanted to do so - run the "Line Out" signal into another amplifier, and then run that into an external cabinet. I would just stick with what you've got until you save the cash for a bigger, better rig.
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You could cut up the combo you have rebuilding/building a box to hold the amp. Take the wires that currently go to your speakers and wire them to a jack. Whatever your speakers are now (4 ohm?) is what the new cabinet needs to be. You can hook up 2 8ohm to be 4ohm, but also keep total watts in mind - too many watts for the speakers and turning up the volume can blow the speakers and if the cabs are for 100w each and your amp is 100w total each will only see ~50w so you may not get the volume you want.