that's actually not too bad.

I applaud the effort. What do you contribute to this band?

The vocalist is pretty damn tight
ayy lmao
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Do I sense an In Flames influence? I thought it was okey, used to be into this style a lot when I was younger. The font of the picture is terrible though!
As with with other bands of similar style, I think you ruin your songs by making is solely growling/grunting/screaming, I can hear the good underlying melodic lines, but they are not exploited by ignoring clean vocal lines and I think that's a shame. I don't hate such vocal style, I like it when it's appropriately used, and with such good underlying melodic background, it's just a pity you chose not to include clean vocals.

I will also share a song which I find has an appropriate amount of both,
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im the vocalist. and i have layed some of the guitars to =).

Yeah the font picture is just something we threw together, it is not the cover of the album
the cover album is much better. but we don't want to show everything yet.

Aralingh. i understand and see what you mean. we have clean vocals in other songs and will come more of it.
but we decided to go with growls in this song. You'll understand when your hear the full album. =)

Thanks for the critisism!