I know there's a sticky for Audio Interfaces, but it isn't very helpful.

I want to ask my parents for an Audio Interface for Christmas, but I'm torn between what one I want.

I am currently looking at this for £50, which is about my budget, the Miditech Guitarface II USB Audio Interface:

Any advice?

Is the Behringer UCG102 USB Guitar Link really that bad?

They all seem to have problems with noise when used with distortion - is this an unavoidable problem with a bog standard PC. or will it go away if I get more expensive models?

Would it be worth just buying a much more expensive model with my own money? I just don't know what else I want for Christmas.

The interfaces sticky is precisely what you need.
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I would advice you to go up to a bit over 100. Get a focusrite scarlett 2i2. That is the lowest quality interface i would suggest (don't get me wrong, for the price, its an amazing interface) It's just that every small bit of cash you save on interface from that point is false economy. They won't be good enough.

EDIT: Search for it used if 100 is too much. i friend of mine picked one up for about 70.
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Among those, there's not going to be much of an improvement in quality from the guitar link compared to the others. Also, if you're getting the guitar link you can get it unbranded from eBay for like $10 (who wants Behringer branding anyway right?)

After that there's not really much worth looking at until at least the Steinberg CI-1 or the Scarlett 2i4