Hi all,

I've recently purchased a Fender Classic Player 60's Strat (which I'm in love with) but I have a question about possibly modding the pickup selection.

Is it possible to install a Seymour Duncan hotrails or equivalent in the bridge position, bump the bridge strat single coil to the middle position and then keep the neck pickup as is. So my aim is to have the tonal options of a both a hotrails humbucking and a strat single coil bridge pickup, and then the strat neck pickup.

Will the simple fact that I've moved the strat bridge pickup out of it's intended psychical position mean the sound changes or is it merely the characteristic of the pickup itself? I guess what I'm asking is if I can have 2 bridge pickup sounds in one guitar and how this would be implemented on a strat given it's 5 way toggle layout!

Any advice would be greatest appreciated.
So tell me if I got that right - you want something like


---Neck pickup---

--Bridge pickup--

-Hot rails coil n1-
-Hot rails coil n2-


On your guitar and have your selectors' position being like

n1 - neck
n2 - neck + bridge
n3 - bridge
n4 - bridge + hot rails
n5 - hot rails

If that's the case, you probably wouldn't get an actual bridge sound from the bridge pickup.
As for the wiring, this should do if you don't mind about the coil splitting.
This, if you do instead
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Using a bridge pickup in the middle position won't give you a bridge sound. The pickups sound different in their respective positions because the string deflection at each point is different. For example, the neck position sounds more bassy than the bridge position because the string deflection is so much more. This gives a higher signal amplitude which, after it passes through the amp, causes the speaker cone to move farther in/out.
If you want a "bridge" sound from the middle pickup, you could try putting a relatively small-value capacitor in series with it. 4.7nF to 6.8nF should do. Smaller values restrict more bass freqs.
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