I’ve seen portraits of ugly
people, and in them they were

Simply alchemy, you said,
a metamorphosis of their
interiority into a pleasant
aesthetic. I am bullshi.t for
not seeing it.

I met the alchemist
who painted them. He was
crying in a bathtub singing
over a beautiful classical
song, ruining it for everyone.

It was at a party on the upper
east side where your friend
shoved the top of a wine bottle
into her vagina, and everyone
roared with applause.

I don’t get it, I exclaimed.

It doesn’t have to make sense,
you said. It just is.
Reminds me of a text I wrote some time back, just uploaded it if you want to read ( here )

Back to your text; Love it, it's very graphic. Seems very honest, without beeing too direct. The only thing I think you can work on is some words, like "bullsh*t" for example, it seems a bit immature in an otherwise mature/adult and cruel text (but thats just my thoughts).
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Maybe another interior stanza in there somewhere as transition; I think that's all you need. This is nice to see from you. Sometimes we get stuck in the frills - sometimes things are just bleak and we can't make them otherwise.
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this was cool. i liked it. i don't have much to say other than that. the wine bottle part was especially funny. i'd never thought of that. at first, i was thinking the bottom of a bottle that had been broken, like the sharp shit, and i was like EW. but then i realized how wrong i was.