If you heard a kid like age 4 using the f-word and other words like that around their parents and their parents didn't mind at all, would you consider them bad parents?
i don't judge parenting ability on meaningless crap like that. especially since i bet the reason kids will repeat bad words so much is because their parents make it a taboo.
Well I wouldn't consider that a huge check in the box as ''not worthy of being a parent'' I would seriously say however, that there's some seriously bad parenting issues at hand.

It's more the fact that they wouldn't give a shit which would bother me.
I guess I would. I wouldn't hold it against them if, for example, the child dropped a heavy object on their foot and gasped an expletive reactively, but if they pepper their speech with "fuck" and "shit" all the time, I would.

every kid I even knew who did that was a douchebag and is now an adult douchebag

that's all on the parents

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i don't judge parenting ability on meaningless crap like that. especially since i bet the reason kids will repeat bad words so much is because their parents make it a taboo.

It's mostly meaningless, but it means they aren't teaching their kids necessary public inhibitions. In private, I would agree that it is meaningless. However, there are very real and meaningful social ramifications for "fuck patois".

Stronger words should be used appropriately and tastefully.

Also, it shows the level of respect they'd have around adults.
There's a level of respect that related to certain words as well as how you talk.
People with a certain attitude appear extremely ghetto and stupid to me.
i'd consider them absent-minded, or careless in a sense. i mean cmon man, who swears in front of their kids? it doesn't make much sense but if you're not following that parental convention, there's probably many more you're not following. so yeah, i would consider them bad parents
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Stronger words should be used appropriately and tastefully.

Agreed until I read the bolded part.

Swearing is by definition dysphemistic. The social function of swearing is to emphasise, not to minimise. Coarse language is as it is because it is harsh and jarring. Therefore to use it "appropriately" and also "tastefully" at the same time is impossible.
Hmm. Not necessarily. It might actually be really healthy if it's just a joking thing with their parents and they totally understand they shouldn't be yelling that stuff in public or around other kids that age and the context of when to use the words. But that's probably really unrealistic and even impossible for a 4 year old so yeah
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Nah. Curse words are increasingly less offensive. If a word is no longer offensive, then why should it still be taboo?
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Maybe not inherently, but usually kids like that do in fact have bad parents.

So yeah, I guess.

I think cursing is a coming-of-age type thing. 4 is a little too young.

At 4 years old, the kid couldn't possibly comprehend the impact of curse words. At that point it'd probably be more cute than offensive, but if it were my kid I'd want it to stop.
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Probably. Don't have a problem with kids swearing as long as they're doing it right, but letting the kid swear means that he'll probably start talking like that at school/other places where he'd get in trouble for it.
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every kid I even knew who did that was a douchebag and is now an adult douchebag

that's all on the parents

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There is a direct correlation between how often my childhood acquaintances swore and how useless they are in society today. Their swearing (if it was done in front of adults anyway) was a result of their parents not teaching them the basics of respect. No respect, no future. "They're just words"? Words are the most important thing we have, and we all have mutual agreements on what they mean. People that don't understand how words can be offensive don't understand the point of having a wide variety of words to choose from, and why we have separate words to mean the same thing. We've agreed that harsh words are harsh so that we can use them in a situation where we wish to portray harshness (the difference between 'get your things,' and 'get your shit,' or the difference between 'she's mean' and 'she's a bitch'). When you frequently use these harsh words, thus stripping them of their harshness, you are limiting the ability of language to portray a wider variety of things. I limit my swearing so that when I add the word '****' to a sentence it means something. The people I knew who grew up thinking that swearing should be a frequent part of their vocabulary now add '****' to every other sentence, and so it means nothing, thus limiting their ability to express themselves. I'm rambling now, but my point is, yes, I would assume a parent allowing their kids to swear, is a bad parent. I would know that I could be wrong, but inductive reasoning would say that they probably are.