The faithful followers of The OFFICIAL Anti-Drug Thread v1: Gateway to Hell will have noticed that the thread was closed before its time, just as we were really started sinking our teeth into the the meatier subjects.

The irony that the thread was like a life cut short by an overdose is not lost on me.

Now if the mods can find it in their palpitating hearts to allow a free conversation on a very serious subject, maybe we can pick up where we left off.
*2007 join date crew*
*Goes to the strip club in basketball shorts crew*
*Reservations for the drive-thru crew*
*Swims with shoes on crew*
*6'4 5% striated crew*
I don’t know what this is but if this in any how will stop people from writing awful articles on rock stars drug habits, I’m all for it.

Don’t do drugs, kids. Or do drugs. Odds are you’ll be fine and learn a lot about yourself in the process. Or you’ll die. Don’t do meth, don’t do crack. Or um... don’t do A LOT of meth or crack. /thread