I know this is a very controversial subject for some. It is very well known musicians are very open minded for that matter, not all but most are. IMO I am wondering who believe in them, who has seen a UFO, and who may have had contact as far as seeing an ET. I will present some evidence that is currently making its way across the net. I have seen UFOs or as I like to call them ETVs (extraterrestrial vehicles) because I feel they are identified. There are groups of people making contact all across the world currently. I know Rihanna has her own personal UFO watcher... I often wonder what ET music would be like.

I will start presenting.

This is an active petition... Disclosure Petition

The following are some witness testimonies presented by Dr. Steven Greer. He retired as a surgeon early to head up the ET disclosure movement. The witnesses include many retired military and government workers. Which include enlisted, officers, physicist, astronauts, engineers, politicians, there is also a retired general interviewed who worked in the pentagon. These are not just sightings but include actual contact with ETs and or craft it is pretty eye opening. Many individuals reporting craft travelling greater than 10,000 mph. Witnesses keep coming forward. The underpinning is that this has been shrouded with secrecy and these people feel the people have a right to know.

Witness Testimonies

The following link is a speech by Dr. Greer at a conference in Spain.

Spain ET Disclosure Talk

Here is a link to the contact groups and I know these people are regularly making contact. You can join free or pay for a few added features.

Contact Groups

Here is a cool video of a flashbulb from an ET, is similar to what I have experienced.


I tend to believe the ETs are benevolent, and do not buy into the bad ET scenario. I have heard of many different types, some looking like us or similar, others not so much. I do realize everyone has an opinion on this.
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