Hi All!

I'm trying to decide what equipment I need for basic home recording applications. Just a side note, I play guitar (electric and acoustic). No band, just me, and no desires to top charts. Just want to have fun recording.

So here's the little that I currently have:
1)Guitar that I'm happy with
2)Amp that I'm happy with
3)Mixcraft 5 which I like
4)Windows 7 64bit, 8gig Ram
5) Stock Realtek sound card

I tried to record by wiring the amp to the pc in all kinds of wiring combinations but the sound I get is very 'distant' sounding and just plain bad.

I can't afford much but here's what I'm considering buying:
1)SM57 mic (To mic amp)
2) focusrite scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface (2 channels since it's just me)

I know I can't have studio quality but I'm hoping this setup would at least have reasonable quality.

Assuming I placed the mic correctly, levels correctly, etc would this be an ok setup for decent sound quality.

I also have an old analog Tascam Portastudio 414 from the 90s. I was thinking of using it for monitoring but if it can be used for recording purposes (digital) I'd love to know.

Thanks to those who answer this long winded question. I've been stressing out over which interface to buy, etc and I don't have much money so a simple purchasing mistake is, well, costly.
You do need the SM57 and the 2i2, though I would advise the 2i4.
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You need to read the Interfaces sticky.
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If you're confident you can decently mic the amp, get a 2i4 and the SM57, and another mic when you have the money.

If you're not that confident, get the 2i4 and an amp simulator (I recommend LePou plugins, free, just to see how you like amp modeling, and then the Softube amp rooms and bx_rockrack pro), and then get the mic if you're not happy at all with the simulators.
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