I know this is a mainly guitar site, hence the name, but I'm sure many of you also play other instruments.

My question is where to start when it comes to piano. Are there any web-sites you would recommend or some books? My knowledge of theory is next to none so take me as someone who knows nothing about music theory and had never played a piano.

Thank you
Before you learn anything, learn all the notes on the keyboard (that's really easy) and how to read music. Make sure to get comfortable with at least C position. Trust me, it will be so much easier if you learn to read before you start playing the instrument. Then you can get beginner's piano music books at any store, or just find sheet music online.
Man, I tried to do piano for awhile (been playing guitar for 17 years). It's just a completely different animal.

I'd recommend private lessons if you're really serious and can afford it -- otherwise, YouTube is always good
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