Anyone got any opinions or experience gigging with this little bad boy? From videos it looks like the real deal but no one near me has one to try, if a used one pops up i might be tempted. Im tired of lugging a tverb around every weekend, we mic everything so wattage isnt an issue, or is it?
I've only played one once, but I own a couple of Dual Rectos...

My first impression was that it sounded exactly like a Recto. With all the commentary I've read on the internet I somehow expected the Mini to be different, but the truth is that it's a Recto through and through. This includes having the Rectos aggressive attack and punchy, percussive response.

The second thing that stood out is that it is different. You can tell it's an EL84 amp. Different compression, more hair on the overdrive, not as much definition. Cool amp all around.

You can argue that my opinion in the previous two paragraphs contradict each other but to me the difference between the Mini and a Dual is on par with a Dual w/6L6 vs EL34, or Spongy vs Bold. Same basic sound, different power amp response.

I'm waiting for the Rectoverb 25 combo. I have no need for another Recto head, but a portable grab and go Recto I would love to have.
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