One of my guitars, an Epi "custom shop" white SG, had Seymour Duncan Phatcats in it. I picked them up on ebay and never really took them that much. I fished out the original pickups from my closet, epi HOTCH(G) and G400 neck. I pried the pickup covers off and scrapped off a bunch of the wax. I put em in and restrung the guitar "over the stop tail". Wow. The epi pups sound much better without the cover and all that wax, and the over the tail stringing makes the strings looser, less tension.

I played that guitar for about 9 hours at our practice yesterday. A lot of tone comes from the fingers, more so than the gear. I had smokin tone yesterday. Absolutely killing. The epi pups aren't so bad once you get the covers and wax off.

I guess I am a humbucker guy and really prefer the four-nob control setup. My PRS plays really well and sounds great, but the two nob controls are kind of limiting. I didn't even reach for my #1 LP once yesterday.