I like the whole country folk thing of using the bass notes as transitions between chords like around 115 other then that it sounds like just another folk song maybe try and spice it up with a different part or try other instruments other sounds....I can see a nice slide guitar part going with this..
Hey, this is a good attempt and I think this song has potential. I like the lyrics, I do feel your voice could use a little more power and presence, I think you emphasize those down strokes on the guitar a little too much and it drowns the entire song so you could perhaps change that up. Other than that not bad.

When you get a chance please review my song thanks!
Thanks for your feedback, I guess this song is just the bones really. I planned to put an harmonica in those blank sections but I didn't have the right key. I like the slide guitar idea, i'm shite at it but I do own one so i gave it a go to test it out
Maybe works the 2nd and 3rd time around but putting at the start is a bit abrupt

As for the singing I struggle with this one I don't know why just my voice doesn't seem to like it.
The guitar is fine in a fair common folk sense, but the vocals don't even sound true they're just tact on.
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