Good evening lads, first off let me explain the situation.
I as a player detest tremolos, just a personal preference, I already have hard-tailed the vintage 6-point trem on my strat, but, I want to replace it with a proper strat style hardtail for two reasons.
1. So it is a hardtail as stated above
2.So the saddles stop cutting my hand.
The smooth saddles on a MIA Strat are fine just not these pointy buggers.
Any advice would be well appreciated!
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block the trem and replace the saddles with new ones.

pretty much this i don't think there is much out there, and pretty cost effective.

also incase you were thinking of a mia bridge they are different and don't swap over.
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If you want to go from a tremolo to a true hardtail bridge, you will probably have to drill a couple of mounting holes. No big deal, but be ready for it. If you want a great hardtail bridge for your Strat, take a look at the Babicz Full Contact Bridge:

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