Okay, our band is going to record a few tracks soon. I have a SM57(for snare) and our drummer is going to buy overheads and a kick drum mic, we are kinda low on money.
So the mixer should have 4-XLR inputs and USB, so I can connect it to my mac.
Will this mixer work with my mac?:

If you know a better CHEAP mixer that would work, please let me know.

Firstly, save more money.

Secondly, is there any specific reason you want a mixer rather than an interface? Are you planning on using it for live sound too?

If not, you want an interface! There's a ton of info in the Interfaces Sticky, so that's probably a good place to start! Most people recommend Focusrite, I'd go for a saffire with enough inputs for what you need.

EDIT to clarify why not that mixer, as far as I know you can only send a stereo feed to your computer. When mixing drums you really need the kick and snare to process individually if you want it to sound like most modern recordings. Also, the Alesis pre's and converters are absolute shite. You can definitely get better for your money!
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DIY isn't always the best way to save money... honestly... especially if you want it to actually sound good.

It's cheaper in the long run to pay someone else who already has the good equipment and the expertise than to spend the time and money to learn how to do it yourself.

It'd be like building your own house instead of hiring builders and architects how actually know what they're doing and already own their own hardhats!
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