Whats Your opinion on all Tube Combo amps/single speaker or twin that won't cost me a left nut..somewhere about $600 or so..! Their are many out there..so..whats good and
whats trash..? Moving up from old SS to all tube rig..just need some info from other players out their..with their experience.
I've got a Fender Twin Reverb, that's.......... Well, a Twin... and I was looking for an amp that would allow me to keep the twin at home... she's gettin' up there in age, and It'd kill me if anything happened to her...

so I bought this

I've found it to be great... We play small to large venues and I've not been disappointed... The "Lead" channel is a bit noisy when your not playing, but not unbearably so... I mic it for the larger venues and let it sing on it's own for the small clubs... It's only about 3 inches narrower than my Twin.. Not a small amp at all. can be switched to half power if you need it to.. Great Marshall crunch and very nice leads... It'd be worth a listen..

As always.. JMHO
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DSL is what comes to mind when I think of a versatile combo amp that isn't expensive.

What type of music do you play?

For what it's worth as liked the older DSL401 better than the new one but I never got to try a new one with different tubes. The new ones did have some good features it stay away from the 15 I believe it was, it didn't sound like the larger ones and was missing features.
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something from egnater, tubemesiter, Carvin v3m, the new dual channel vox night train 50.

really depends on the music you want to play. be prepared to change the tubes on most sub 1000 amps. i find the stock tube to be garbage.
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