So a buddy of mine got me an agile 3010 baritone guitar. Was a thank you gift for being best man at his wedding. Wanted a baritone, was looking at that one, but he just took a chance on it. Not crazy about the sound was working on a little setup, low e sounded tinny when playing open B. Still think it needs pickups as well. I play mostly metal and was looking to use our for sevendust, the ghost inside, and similar downtuned bands. I wasn't sure what pickups would be a good match for les Paul style guitar, for that kind of music. Was pondering the zakk wylde emg's. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated .

Had an old set of emg-esp lh-500's I took out of my ltd when I put 81x/85x in it. Thought they would be better than what it came with. Tried rigging it by splicing, I don't have a soldering iron, and only succeeded in ripping one pickup off its pot. He's coming to visit this weekend and hasn't heard the
Guitar yet. Gotta do something like now, so I don't feel like an idiot with what I did to the guitar he just got me. HELP!!!
you'll pretty much need a soldering iron if you are planning to replace pups yourself (i think there are some solderless options from EMG).

i'd bet the zakk wylde EMG's would sound good. an 81/85 set would also do ya. i am guessing you play heavier music?

if you aren't experienced with pup replacement then you should probably take it to a tech to do the replacements.
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I would just get a soldering iron or take it to a tech and put your choice of pickups in it.

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Basically was just thinking and jumping for the pickups now. If I have to get a soldering iron I will. The EMG's are solderless, one plus there, but I wasnt sure if they're still a good choice for low tunings drop b, drop a. That was really the basis for my thread. Just saw a similar thread someone mentioned seymour duncans JB/jazz set, then they were talking about seymour duncan just came out with something called the black winter. Gonna have to look those up.

Anyone familiar with those?
There are some other passive Pick ups good for the job. A lot of people enjoy the Dimarzio D Activators. Also John Petrucci uses his liquifire and Chuch lab in his baritone guitars and souds amazing
Thanks for the advice. leaning towards the EMG's but gonna look into the liquifire that was one no one had mentioned and if petrucci uses it in his baritone that might be a good match.
A soldering iron is an absolutely priceless tool to a guitarist. You can get a cheap one with solder for $15-20 at Radio Shack. It'll do the job until you feel the need/want to upgrade.

It takes some practice to get good at soldering, but once you get it down, you'll find it absolutely ridiculous that people pay hundreds of dollars to have others do it for them. The profit margin for tech work is massive, as you'll find out more and more as you learn how to do more and more on your own.
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I used to have a soldering iron but god knows where it is. Found it a big pain in the a$$ but i can do it. I love avoiding it whenever possible. Wasnt sure how the original pot was wired. Had I intended to take it off I would've noted where the terminations were. Maybe I'll look up some les paul wiring diagrams and see if I can figure it out. Maybe I'll contact Agile see if they can e-mail me the schematics.

It was only a hot and ground(green), and drain. Was a 4 wire (5 with red and white capped off. he other pickup I think is ground(green) and drain both grounded to the other volume pot. It doesnt help that I've never owned a guitar with 2 volumes and 2 tone knobs, think they're somehow in series, so I'm not familiar with the wiring. Guess I'm gonna learn!