So Im playing on a laptop and when Im not moving, I an look around fine. But when Im moving, I cant look around at all and Im moving my finger on the mousepad.

Anyone have any ideas? I know some of you play so Id figure Id ask.

control panel>mouse>buttons and uncheck "Turn on ClickLock" if it's checked. It means you can't move the mouse at the same time as you're holding down buttons
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Which laptop? The Synaptics mouse program has some pretty in depth options, and comes with most laptops.

Otherwise buy a wireless USB one.
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Are you trying to tell me you're playing an FPS with a mousepad?
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Are you trying to tell me you're playing an FPS with a mousepad?

This. Mousepads are no good for gaming. Get a regular mouse.
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A USB mouse is like $10. It'll improve everything dramatically.

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